CEssna vs piper

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I am trying ti decide which airplane to buy and I need some help. I am looking for an
airplane in the range of 30 to 50k. I want an airplane that will give me more than
120k and not too many maintenance issues. I have been looking at: cessnas 172N
and M, piper archer, Cherokee 180 and gruman tigers.

Which one would you recommend?


-- Francisco Torrent, October 19, 2012


My mechanic does not like the Grummans, so cross those off the list. I think Pipers tend to be a little cheaper but the maintenance is what will be costly over the long run (and overhaul in the longer run). Just remember than an engine should be overhauled after 12 years, regardless of the number of hours. Most of the cheap old airplanes that you find out there actually need a new engine and therefore are in fact not cheap.

-- Philip Greenspun, November 6, 2012