How to fly multi engine helicopters

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Hello, what is the technique for flying multi engine helicopters, and where can I get the multi
engine helicopter rating?

-- Sam Lerman-Hahn, February 12, 2013


If you can start the multi-engine helicopter you can fly it. The controls are the same. There is no "multi-engine" helicopter rating available from the U.S. FAA. If the helicopter weighs more than 12,500 lbs. you'll need a type rating for that helicopter but that would be true regardless of the number of engines.

There are some tricks to planning a flight such that there is no risk of a hard landing in the event of a single engine failure. To learn those tricks and also get a type rating you could consider going to Flight Safety and getting a Sikorsky S-92 type rating (about $50,000 for the simulator-based course).

-- Philip Greenspun, February 12, 2013