Pilot Training, Boundaries of pilot license

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Hi, I'd like to know which is a better place to learn pilot training, is
it better in colleges or in private pilot trainers like King Schools?.
And are there any boundaries of private flying license?

-- Xavier Von Bautista, May 19, 2013


All of the options for flight training are good. I would suggest that you take an online course first and pass your written test before you hire your flight instructor. Since the flight instructor will realize that you know what you're looking for, he/she will probably give you a slightly better rate. Also, since you will already have a good idea of how to fly a plane or helicopter, you won't need to hire your flight instructor for as long before you're ready for your checkride. If you are getting a commercial license and/or an ATP, getting a "professional pilot" degree at community university can help a lot. Though it doesn't help with flight training very much, people still like hiring people that have university degrees, so both universities and online courses from King Schools are useful. About the boundaries of the private pilot license: You can't fly planes over 10,500 tons without a type rating(you normally can't get these type ratings unless you fly for an airline, which you'll need an ATP for), you can't fly for pay(except as part of a job unrelated to flying in which your company pays for your plane, but does not pay you extra for you to fly), and to fly in IMC, multis, seaplanes, taildraggers, and aerobatics, you need special ratings (endorsements for taildraggers and aerobatics.).

-- Sam Lerman-Hahn, May 20, 2013