$75k Learjet..how much to make all this happen?

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Your article on VLJ's was great!

I'd like to buy my own jet and make cross country trips, and also
become a jet pilot.

There is a LearJet for $75k in "excellent condition.

Its engines are soon to be banned for noise, it gets horrible fuel
economy, and the maintenance costs are outrageous.

But at $75k for the jet itself, the question is begged: if the jet is
essentially free, how low can we get the maintenance and training costs?

Can someone become a jet mechanic and do their own work? I would think
that even 5 years of vocational school/on the job training would be
alot cheaper and also more interesting, and heck, might even make some
good money doing it, than a $200k engine rebuild. Can the same be said
for inspection?

By leasing the jet for charter and/or flight school use, could you cut
down on costs further?

How low can you get this equation to go?


-- Joe Simpleton, August 19, 2014


An older jet cannot be operated inexpensively because the manufacturer gets to tell you what parts need to be replaced and choose what to charge you.

Most of the expensive work on a jet happens upstream from the shop that is turning wrenches on the actual airplane, e.g., the engines get sent out for overhaul to a certified facility.

-- Philip Greenspun, September 2, 2014

One popular adage I've heard more than once when shopping for an airplane:

"That airplane is so cheap, I can't afford it".

-- Javier Henderson, October 11, 2014