Mirage v Cessna 400

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Hey Phil et al...... I've enjoyed your feedback before on here. I've been flying a Cessna 400
for a while and have a possible partner situation developing and locally a Mirage for sale
on interesting terms. So the extra cost might actually work out with a partner but I can''t
quite see what utility I would gain aside from 2 extra seats. What do you think? I've been
assuming the next step, if at all, would be a turbine and at that a TBM given missions to
the west. Any observations appreciated since I think you operated a Mirage for a time no?

-- Tim Gleeson, August 25, 2014


A Malibu or Mirage is just a lot more comfortable than a Cessna 400 due to the pressurization. But the maintenance costs are pretty crazy. I didn't buy the Mirage that I was looking at due to some pre-buy issues.

-- Philip Greenspun, September 2, 2014