Buying a SR22 for the chute

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I currently fly an A36 and am a fairly conservative pilot. So while I
am happy flying in the day (VFR or IFR) I have avoided flying in the
night due to off-field landing concerns in desert/mountains regions
of (Nevada/California/Arizona).
A logic of a friend of mine is that I am much better of in an SR22.
While I give up some things which matter to me (Double door cargo
etc) I will open up flying in the night while keeping my risk profile
similar due to the chute

Any opinions on this line of logic?



-- Vijay Raghavan, April 17, 2015


Test-fly an SR22. A lot of Bonanza pilots don't like the control feel.

Certainly the parachute has been useful for those pilots who have suffered an engine failure. Now that our SR20's engine is 10 years into what Continental says is the 12-year life of an engine I feel that I am getting more value out of the parachute!

But also remember that time in type is extremely important for safety. If you have 500 Bonanza hours and 0 SR22 hours you will be a lot safer in the Bonanza.

-- Philip Greenspun, October 8, 2015