SR22T short field perrformance

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I�m planning to buy a SR22T (3600 lbs MTOW) but I�m concerned about its short field
My home field is a 2600 feet long grass strip @ 60 feet AMSL with no obstacles close
to both ends.
While book numbers says I should be ok, I would like to have some real life experience
about taking off and landing in this conditions @ MTOW. BTW, summers can be hot
over here!
Thanks for your help!

-- Roberto Marini, April 2, 2018


This is a question best asked in the Cirrus Pilots' org, COPA. That said, the SR22 is a beast and if there aren't obstacles to clear will almost certainly be able to do this. The POH that I just grabbed off the Cirrus site says it will take 1700' of ground roll at 30C plus 15% for dry grass. This falls to only 606' at 2900 lbs. Probably you'll want to consider this a 3300 lb. airplane for taking off at home in the summer.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 9, 2018