SR-22 vs DA-42

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How would you compare a Cirrus SR-22 to a Diamond DA-42?
I would prefer a water cooled JetA burning FADEC controlled engine to
the old horizontally opposed air cooled engines, but what about
interior space and maintenance costs? Cabin noise? Anti-ice
capabilities? Long cross country flights?

-- Bruce Greene, April 8, 2018


The DA-42 is supposed to be a nice airplane and I think it is quieter inside than the SR- 22.

But I'm not sure if they got the engines right until recently and those planes are $800,000+? At that price, why not buy a used Piper Meridian and go anywhere you want on Planet Earth more or less on schedule (since you will be pressurized and de-iced).

Cirrus built a ton of Avidyne SR22s and they are almost free ($180,000 to $250,000). If you want transportation, plus the backup option of the parachute, it is impossible to beat an Avidyne SR22 in terms of price/performance. The SR22 is super popular so there are shops all over the country that know how to maintain it.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 9, 2018

Bruce, The short and ultimate answer is that it�s more about you than the plane. You�ve gotta sit in both planes for a good while. When I was selling Diamonds, we had a prospect who though shorter than I, just couldn�t fit in the DA40.

I�m not comfortable in the Cirrus cabin, or really Beech or most Pipers. Diamond, Mooney and Cessna fit me better. (Mooney vs Beech is like Coke vs Pepsi. First sip goes to Beech, but drink a couple cans and you�ll likely want Mooney.)

Seats are really important in a Piston plane. Comfort is personal. If your spouse wants the parachute (and you want something else), let the professional salesman do the selling. Diamonds really are safer. Cirrus is doing much better since the wing changed and the association got so safety focused, but that puts them closer to Cessna territory. Diamonds it�s own world safety wise.

-- Eric Warren, April 9, 2018