Seating Dilemma

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I'm very close to completing my Pilot's training and my parents are
planning a trip for my family when I finish. I'm really excited about
being able to fly my family around but I have two parents and five
siblings. Including me, thatメs eight people in total. I'm willing to
take two trips but I would prefer not to. Does anyone know of an
aircraft that would seat that many people?

Any help would be greatly appreciated I'm pretty new to airplanes.


-- Amelia Carter, September 12, 2019


Consumer-priced airplanes generally seat 4 people, including the pilot. If you need 8 seats, you're looking at $1 million turboprops, such as the Cessna Caravan or King Air. The Piper Navajo is an 8-seat piston twin that can be purchased for less than $300,000, but it is expensive to maintain and run.

-- Philip Greenspun, September 13, 2019