Surfer statue.  Santa Cruz, California

Internet Heroes

according to Philip Greenspun

Those who paid

Surfer.  Santa Cruz, California This is a list of the people with enough character to support the development of the Internet by actually paying (and/or making a charitable donation) to use my images on their Web pages.

I feel so guilty about all of the trash that I've talked about Windows 8 that I should thank Microsoft first for paying to use an image in a Europe-wide advertising campaign.

There actually are a few others but I'm still digging up their names and URLs.

Those who typed

Strangely, a lot more people are willing to type
photographs courtesy <a href="/">Philip Greenspun</a>
than are willing to write a check.

There are thousands of these folks and I think I may ask them to fill out a form to enter their info into a relational database. For now, the good guys who come immediately to mind include the Sierra Club, the Ford Motor Company, U.S. House of Representatives, NASA, Simon & Schuster, New Mexico Tumor Registry [I just love the name], a rock band called "Primate", The Isle of Wight College, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of the Interior, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Wesleyan University, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, ...

Note: the images on this page come from my California guidebook
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