Calendar Widget Package

part of the ArsDigita Community System by Greg Haverkamp
This package helps you display calender-based data. It produces both large monthly calendars with daily details and small monthly "outline" calendars. Make sure you update your utilities file from This package relies upon the presence of ad_proc to give us Common Lisp-style keyword args.

When formatting hyperlinks from day numbers, Julian dates are used. A Julian date is the number of days since 4712 B.C. The benefit of using Julian dates is that they make it very easy to do calendar date calculations. To make it easy to convert back to ANSI dates, the helper procedure calendar_convert_julian_to_ansi is provided. To obtain a Julian date from Oracle, use to_char with a the 'J' format option. For example, to obtain today's Julian date:

  select to_char(sysdate, 'J') from dual

All of the color parameters are standard HTML colors. You can specify either recognized color names, or you can use the more specific hex color values. The names "white" and "black" are used in the code as defaults. However, you could use "#ffffff" or "#000000", respectively, if you prefer.