New Stuff Package

part of the ArsDigita Community System by Philip Greenspun
I'm too lazy to write more docs so I'll just quote from the file:
# the big idea here is to have a central facility to look at content
# posted by users across the entire site.  This is useful for the site
# administrator (might want to delete stuff).  This is useful for the 
# surfing user (might want to click through to stuff).  This is useful
# for generating email summaries.

# one weird extra feature is that we have an argument to limit to new 
# content posted by new users.  This is an aid to moderators.  Basically
# the idea is that new content posted by a person who has been a community
# member for a year is unlikely to require deletion.  But new content
# posted by a brand new community member is very likely to require scrutiny
# since the new user may not have picked up on the rules and customs
# of the community.

# (publishers who require approval before content goes live will want
# to see old users' contributions highlighted as well since these need
# to be approved quickly)

# this system scales as modules are added to the ACS either by
# ArsDigita or publishers.  The basic mechanism by which modules buy
# into this system is to lappend a data structure to the ns_share
# variable ad_new_stuff_module_list (a Tcl list)