one of the documented procedures in this installation of the ACS
ad_static_page_views_user_contributions   db   user_id   purpose
What it does:
Returns empty list if purpose is not "site_admin". Otherwise a triplet of all the static pages viewed while this user was logged in.
Defined in: /web/philip/tcl/ad-user-content-map.tcl

Source code:

    if { $purpose != "site_admin" } {
	return [list]
    set selection [ns_db select $db "select user_content_map.view_time, static_pages.page_id, static_pages.page_title, static_pages.url_stub
from user_content_map, static_pages
where user_content_map.page_id = static_pages.page_id
and user_content_map.user_id = $user_id
order by view_time asc"]
    set items ""
    while {[ns_db getrow $db $selection]} {
	append items "<li>[util_AnsiDatetoPrettyDate $view_time]:  <A HREF=\"/admin/static/page-summary?page_id=$page_id\">$url_stub</a> ($page_title)\n"
    if [empty_string_p $items] {
	return [list]
    } else {
	return [list 5 "Static pages viewed when logged in" "<ul>\n\n$items\n\n</ul>"]