one of the documented procedures in this installation of the ACS
calendar_small_year {-calendar_details "" -date "" -days_of_week "S M T W T F S" -large_calendar_p 0 -master_bgcolor "black" -header_bgcolor "black" -header_text_color "white" -header_text_size "+1" -day_number_template {<!--\$julian_date--><font size=1>\$day_number</font>} -day_header_size 1 -day_header_bgcolor "#666666" -calendar_width 0 -day_bgcolor "#DDDDDD" -day_text_color "white" -empty_bgcolor "white" -next_month_template "" -prev_month_template "" -width 2}
What it does:
Returns a year of small calendars given the starting month as a date. Defaults to this month. Data in calendar_details will be ignored.
Defined in: /web/philip/tcl/ad-calendar-widget.tcl

Source code:

arg_parser_for_calendar_small_year $args

    if { $width < 1 || $width > 12 } {
	return "Width must be between 1 and 12"

    set output "<table><tr valign=top>\n"
    set current_width 0

    for { set n 1 } { $n <= 12 } { incr n } {
	set selection [calendar_get_info_from_db $date]
	append output "<td>"

	append output "[calendar_small_month -calendar_details $calendar_details -date $date -days_of_week $days_of_week -large_calendar_p $large_calendar_p -master_bgcolor $master_bgcolor -header_bgcolor $header_bgcolor -header_text_color $header_text_color -header_text_size $header_text_size -day_number_template $day_number_template -day_header_size $day_header_size -day_header_bgcolor $day_header_bgcolor -calendar_width $calendar_width -day_bgcolor $day_bgcolor -day_text_color $day_text_color -empty_bgcolor $empty_bgcolor  -next_month_template $next_month_template   -prev_month_template $prev_month_template ]"
	append output "</td>\n"

	incr current_width

	if { $current_width == $width && $n != 12} {
	    set current_width 0
	    append output "</tr><tr valign=top>\n"

	set date $next_month

    append output "</tr></table>\n"

    return $output