one of the documented procedures in this installation of the ACS
solicit_info   column   form_type
What it does:
A procedure to get more info about a given form given a column and form-type. Most of the trouble is just going through all the forms types.
Defined in: /web/philip/tcl/prototype-defs.tcl

Source code:

    set form_html "<h4>For $column:</h4>\n"
    append form_html "Please enter the prompt text for entry into your $form_type:<br>\n"
    set prompt_var $column
    append prompt_var "_prompt_text"
    append form_html "<input type=text size=55 name=$prompt_var><br>\n"
    set ei_var $column
    append ei_var "_extra_info"
    set eitwo_var $column
    append eitwo_var "_ei_two"
    set eithree_var $column
    append eithree_var "_ei_three"
    switch $form_type {
        textbox {
            append form_html "How big a textbox do you want?<br>  <input name=$ei_var value=small type=radio>&nbsp;Small \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=medium type=radio>&nbsp;Medium \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=large type=radio>&nbsp;Large   \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=spec type=radio> Specify size: \n"
            append form_html  "<input type=text size=3 name=$eitwo_var>\n<br>"}
        textarea {
            append form_html "How big a textarea do you want?<br> <input name=$ei_var value=small type=radio> Small \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=medium type=radio> Medium \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=large type=radio> Large \n<br>"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=spec type=radio> Specify \n"
            append form_html  "Rows: <input type=text size=3 name=$eitwo_var>\n"
            append form_html  "Columns: <input type=text size=3 name=$eithree_var>\n<br>"}
        radiobutton -
        checkbox -
        select {
            append form_html  "Please input a tcl list of values to fill in your ${form_type}s:<br>"
            append form_html "<input type=text size=55 name=$ei_var><br>\n"}
        boolean {
            append form_html "What kind of boolean do you want?\n<input name=$ei_var value=yn type=radio> Yes/No \n"  
            append form_html  "<input name=$ei_var value=tf type=radio> True/False<br>\n"}  
        date {}
        default {}
    return $form_html