one of the documented procedures in this installation of the ACS
ticket_user_display   name   email   user_id   { kind "" }
What it does:
used to generate the username display -- here so that it can be changed easily between displaying email and pointing at /shared/community-member.tcl and /intranet/user-info.tcl
Defined in: /web/philip/tcl/ticket-defs.tcl

Source code:

    if {[empty_string_p $kind]} { 
        set kind [ad_parameter TicketUserLink ticket intranet]
    switch $kind { 
        intranet { 
            return "<a href=\"/intranet/users/view?user_id=$user_id\">$name</a>"
        admin { 
            return "<a href=\"/admin/users/one?user_id=$user_id\">$name</a>"
        email { 
            return "<a href=\"mailto:$email\">$name</a>"
        name { 
            return "$name"
        public -
        default { 
            return "<a href=\"/shared/community-member?user_id=$user_id\">$name</a>"