one of the documented procedures in this installation of the ACS
wml_select_widget {-onpick_p 0} name options_list
What it does:
Builds a WML select widget from the options_list which is of the form { {val1 str1} {val2 str2}...}

If onpick_p is set, the values are interpreted as URLs and assigned to intrinsic onpick events.

Defined in: /web/philip/tcl/wap-defs.tcl

Source code:

arg_parser_for_wml_select_widget $args

    set retval {}
    if $onpick_p {
	set action onpick
    } else {
	set action value

    append retval "<select name=\"$name\">\n"
    foreach list_item $options_list {
	set val [lindex $list_item 0]
	set str [lindex $list_item 1]
	append retval "  <option ${action}=\"$val\">$str</option>\n"
    append retval "</select>\n"