ACS 3.3 Release Notes

by and Richard Li

This release of the ArsDigita Community System is the first step in a major rewrite of the core architecture. With ACS 3.3 we are introducing the following key changes:

We highly suggest that anyone upgrading to ACS 3.3 read ACS 3.2 Developer's Guide to ACS 3.3 and Beyond, which discusses the many fundamental and far-reaching changes to the ACS architecture.

Both installations using a clean database and upgrades from ACS 3.2.3 have been tested using Oracle 8.1.6, AOLserver 3+ad2 in a chrooted environment, and Tcl 8.3. With ACS 3.3 we have dropped all backwards-compatibilities with AOLserver 2. We do not guarantee that ACS 3.3 works with AOLserver 2.3. This release marks the first time that we used a formal QA process, which included internal alpha and beta releases, dedicated testers, and daily fresh installs and upgrades of the latest version of the code tree. For the next release, we plan on opening this process to the ACS community, with a dedicated ticket tracker and postings of alpha and beta releases of ACS. In the meantime, please email with any critical bugs (along with any patches you may have), including a description of the problem, the file(s) that exhibit the problem, and any other information that you feel is relevant.

Other new features, enhancements, and changes:

Known issues: