of Philip Greenspun, ATP AMEL, ASEL, Helicopter; Commercial SES; CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-H, CFII-H, updated February 2024

Flying and Teaching Experience

Employment History

July 2010-present: Expert Witness

Testified at trial (February 2012) in Bouret et al. v. Robinson Helicopters and Caribbean Aviation Maintenance, United States District Court, District of Puerto Rico.

Prepared Expert Presentation for Greiner v. Alleman, Circuit Court, Williamson County, Illinois, a case involving a Cirrus SR22 accident.

March-October 2008: Comair

Served as First Officer on the 50-seat CRJ, based at CVG and JFK, for this subsidiary of Delta Airlines. Operated flights from all of the busiest airports in the Northeast, including BOS, LGA, EWR, DCA, IAD, PHL, and ORD. Furloughed along with 300 out of 1500 Comair pilots.

77 Comair Blvd., Erlanger, KY 41018. (859) 767-2550.

2006-August 2021: Fair Weather Flying LLC

In partnership with East Coast Aero Club, started and managed a new helicopter school at Hanscom Field. Obtained a single pilot 135 air carrier certificate from the Boston FSDO and serve as the pilot.

2005-August 2021: East Coast Aero Club

Taught primary helicopter and airplane instrument students. Supervised the application for a Part 141 certificate and subsequently served as Chief Instructor.

200 Hanscom Drive, Bedford, MA 01730. (781) 274-6322. Owner: Mark Holzwarth.

1991-2006: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Teach computer science undergraduates, conduct research, and supervise student research.

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139. HR Dept.: 617-253-4251; FAX (617) 258-8501.

Education (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Ph.D. 1999 in electrical engineering and computer science. Thesis title: Architecture and Implementation of Online Communities.

S.M. 1993 in electrical engineering and computer science. Thesis title: Site Controller: A system for computer-aided civil engineering and construction.

S.B. 1982 in mathematics.


William Frykman, Check Airman at Comair. Mr. Frykman was the FAA's designated examiner for my CL-65 checkride. Contact info on request.

Bradrick Pretzer, Boeing 767 captain at North American Airlines. Former American Eagle first officer. Mr. Pretzer prepared me for my instrument, CFI, and ATP rides. Mr. Pretzer was one of my first helicopter students (earned his private privileges in the fall of 2006), so he can speak about my qualifications as a pilot and as an instructor. (617) 763-8312.

Marc Nathanson, MD11 pilot at Fedex. F4 fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Aerobatics instructor at Executive Flyers and an FAA Designated Examiner. Mr. Nathanson was the examiner for my Commercial and ATP checkrides. (978) 501-1034.


Have visited roughly 50 countries and every continent including Antarctica.