Using the LCS Web/DB Computing Facility

by Ed Hurley and Andrew Grumet


This document provides some basic information about accessing and using the development machines which belong to the LCS Web/DB Computing Facility.

Finding your server and logging in

Each of you should have been assigned a student number (like std1, std12, std29). The names of the machines in the facility are, ,, These are the machines you should log into for running emacs and for administering your Web server: use the machine name indicated when you were assigned your student number. Do not run Web browsers from these machines; instead, use the local machine that you're using to log into the facility. Also, do not run multiple copies of emacs; instead, use the emacs' windowing capabilities which are described in this introduction to Emacs.

There are two user directories you should be concerned with on your machine:

Our machines are set up so you cannot telnet into them, because it is insecure. Instead, you must use an encrypted connection via ssh.

Using ssh

Installed Software

Each machine will have the following software installed: Your Oracle username is your shell account username, and your Oracle password is dbpw4<yourusername>

Note: There will be a fairly substantial number of processes running on each development machine. Please be courteous to others (and yourself) by not running unnecessary things. (e.g. you shouldn't need to run Netscape and you probably shouldn't be compiling things)

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Last modified: August 29, 2000

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