Grand Canyon

Project Schedule for 6.916

part of Teaching by Philip Greenspun

Grand Canyon This schedule is for students doing a project in 6.916 (see

We recommend that this project schedule run concurrently with work on the problem sets.

Weeks 1 and 2: Competitive Analysis

Prepare a report showing

Weeks 3 and 4: Develop an Application Design

Prepare a document showing the classes of users that you expect to be using the system. For each class of user, map out the user experience page by page. For at least some of the pages, prepare HTML mockups.

Weeks 5 and 6: Write a Development Plan

At this point in the course you've done enough problem sets to get a rough feeling for the ArsDigita Community System toolkit. Using your experience, the material in Chapter 3 of Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, and the documentation at, write a development plan showing Your development plan should include a preliminary SQL data model.

Week 8: Skeletal Prototype Delivered

By the end of week 8, you should have completed a skeletal prototype. This will be a text-only system but with each user class having a reasonably complete set of capabilities.

Week 9: Testing with Users

Test your prototype with actual users and the publisher (if there is one for your project). Deliver a plan for refining your system.

Week 10-13: Iterative Refinement and Testing with Users

Iteratively refine and test your system.
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