Take off and landing

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I would like to know how a airplane is able to take off. i find
realy amazing how a heavy airplane and the fact that they are
capable to take off and stay in the air. i wish i could get some
explanation about that principle. Also for helicopeters

-- Inamahoro Darlene, March 25, 2006


Take a look at the following links:
How Airplanes Work
How Helicopters Work
What is lift?

-- Tal Reichert, March 25, 2006

Check out the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook available online (PDF file) at faa.gov,to become a pilot, pilot handbooks. You can call me at 718-553-3235, or e-mail me. I am the FAA Eastern Region FAA Safety Team Manager.

-- Joseph Foresto, July 2, 2006