Part 141 IFR Training with own plane?

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How difficult is it for a flight school to accept an IFR student under
part 141 training (for GI Bill purposes) with instruction given in the
student's own plane?

In other words, is bringing your own plane to a part 141 school a big

-- Joe Moreno, June 17, 2011


I'd be surprised if it's a big deal

Look for a school in your area that offers part 141 instrument training that also has a "rate for instruction in the student's plane" rate on their website. The chances are you'll be good with that one.

-- Tal Reichert, July 23, 2011

The way I understand it a 141 school has to have a training plan specific to the aircraft they use and the aircraft must be approved by the FAA. For that reason I haven't seen any 141 school that let's you use your own aircraft. This is based on looking for and training at a 141 school in the past so I may not have the full story.

-- Alex Baker, July 24, 2011

I've discovered the same thing. Each flight school aircraft must be listed on their certificate. To use my own plane under 141, I'd have to lease back the plane to them. Any savings I'd make with my GI Bill would be lost in inspections, maintenance, and insurance.

-- Joe Moreno, July 24, 2011